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Hi guys! I hate talking about myself but for the purposes of this website here I am… I’m Bethany, seasoned food blogger and writer and creator of How The Cookie Crumbles. Established in 2018, HTCC focuses on a variety of food related topics whilst displaying unique recipes and reliable local restaurant reviews. When my previous food blog Frying The Nest was hacked a couple of years ago, I lost all of my work and it’s taken a few years to summon up the courage to start afresh, but I’m back a few years later a better writer.

HTCC will mainly focus on showcasing my recipes, food photography and local restaurant reviews but one of my passions is writing about food history. There’ll also be some travel and lifestyle posts thrown in for good measure.

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In the past I loved working with brands and local restaurants, and I am very PR friendly. Some of the work I’ve been commissioned to do includes some of the best publications. In addition, I’ll be starting a journalism course to help aid my writing.

Some of the brands I worked with include:

  • Marco Pierre White Steakhouse at Hotel Indigo
  • Pizza Punks
  • The Body Shop
  • Gourmet Burger Kitchen
  • Jim Jams Spread
  • Nutella
  • (and loads more…)



Most importantly, I enjoy creating unique, quality content for my readers. That means you won’t find me giving raving positive reviews if they are dishonest. Overall, I value my readers’ trust and will never promote a product I don’t believe in. However, that being said, I love working with all different kinds of brands so if you’re interested in working with me send me an email at: hello@howthecookiecrumbles.co.uk

Enjoy my website and try my recipes, and if you have any suggestions or requests, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

If you come across any spelling errors, glitches or bugs, fill out a contact form and I’ll make sure to revise!




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